If you aren’t already obsessed with Sadie Sink, you’re about to be. Not only is she a vegan but with season 4 of Stranger Things now showing on Netflix, get ready to be hearing about this talented actress non-stop.

Sadie has played roles in movies like Eli, The Glass Castle, and Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy as well as playing one of the main roles in Taylor Swift’s iconic All Too Well (10 Minute Version) short film, but did you know that she started her career performing on the Broadway stage? Or that she’s strutted the catwalk as a runway model at Paris Fashion Week? Or that she went vegan at age 14 thanks to Woody Harrelson? All of these and more fun facts that you need to know about Sadie Sink below. Get ready to be educated on the up-and-coming actress.

Broadway is where Sadie made her performing debut! Sadie told Vogue Singapore that she was too young to audition for a local community theater production of The Secret Garden but begged her mom to let her try out anyways. “It was then that I decided that I wanted to stick with this, and do it properly,” she explained.

Sadie’s family moved from Texas to New York City to help her pursue her Broadway career. The actress played Annie in Annie the musical and co-starred with Helen Mirren in The Audience on Broadway before transitioning to on-screen acting.

Sadie is vegan

Sadie met Woody Harrelson, who is vegan, on the set of the movie The Glass Castle back when she was 14 years old. She told Glamour UK that “he’s a very passionate vegan and his entire family is vegan as well, so by spending time with them, I was able to learn that a vegan lifestyle is totally doable and it’s not as hard as it may seem.”

The actress was vegetarian at that point but decided to go vegan after learning more about the egg and dairy industries as well as being influenced by Woody Harrelson and his family.

“I realised what goes on in the egg industry, and the dairy industry, so then I was like, “that’s it! Going vegan!” and I just kind of went cold turkey basically,’ says the 16-year-old American actress. Two years later, she is more committed than ever – especially after finding a cafe in Atlanta, where Stranger Things is filmed, that serves vegan chicken and waffles.

She’s also a strong advocate for animal rights, having previously narrated the animal rights documentary Dominion. Whether it’s through clothing or food, or both, she believes it’s important for everybody to try to do something. ‘If the vegan diet doesn’t work out for you, at least you can do something for animals – whether that’s the way you eat, or the way you dress, everything helps really,’ she says.

She starred in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well short film

Sadie explained to The Hollywood Reporter that working on Stranger Things Season 4 emotionally prepared her to star in the All Too Well short film, thanks to the more emotional scenes and having to practice being vulnerable onscreen. “I’ll continue to tap into that more in the future,” she shares.

Taylor Swift specifically had Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien in mind for her film and told E!’s Daily Pop that she “got their numbers and sent them text messages and had already created an entire treatment and script and like, visual kind of references of what I wanted to do. […] When they said yes, I was so elated because I didn’t have backups in mind.”

“I joined the cast in the second season when the show was already such a success, so I had an idea of what to expect, but it was still a process for me to get used to all the things I had never done before like the photoshoots, the press tours and the events,” she adds. “It was very overwhelming, especially because I was a new character on a show that is so loved, but it was just great to have a solid support group in the rest of the cast. We are all going through the same things at the same time and there’s a comfort in knowing you’re surrounded by people who have your best interests at heart and won’t let you get caught up in anything.”


Sadie struggles with imposter syndrome

In a June 1 interview with Glamour UK, Sadie got real about what it’s like to work in the entertainment industry at such a young age. “Growing up in this industry, you always kind of compare yourself to others,” Sadie says. “That’s when you start doubting your abilities and those were my biggest insecurities, particularly in terms of coming into my own as an actor.”

Years of practice have helped her cope with self-criticism and societal pressures. “As you get more experience, it becomes less about the competition and thinking ‘Oh my God, am I good enough?’ and more about finding yourself and drowning out the noise that comes with being in this industry.”

To further manage her mental health, Sadie admits that she doesn’t use social media regularly. “I don’t have the Instagram app or any social media apps on my phone. I’ll download it sometimes to check-in, but I don’t really like to associate with any of the negative things on social media,” she says.

Original source: https://www.seventeen.com