The dairy giant has plans to produce “a range of plant-based products” at the factory, including vegan milks and yoghurts.

Meadow Foods has announced plans to open a vegan food factory in the northwest of England. The company – which has produced dairy products since 1992 – is investing £4 million to develop the new facility in Chester.

“We’re excited to be developing our capabilities and capacity to manufacture a range of plant-based products,” said Mark Chantler, CEO of Meadow Foods. “We will continue to explore strategic investments, partnerships and acquisitions that extend the range of quality products we are able to offer our customers, allowing us to offer complementary products alongside our dairy range.”

The plant-based facility will produce a selection of dairy alternatives, such as yoghurts, milks, and custard, using oats and rice as the main ingredients. They also intend to branch out into creating soft cheese, sour creams, and mousse.

Meadow Foods is aiming to open the new vegan food factory by the end of the year.

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