The world sneaker industry is worth billions. It seems that not a day goes by without the launch of yet another sneaker line. Bearing in mind the huge popularity of this type of footwear and the massive surge in the popularity of veganism, the launch of two new vegan sneaker brands is indeed exciting.

Two new vegan-friendly sneakers have been launched.  One from tennis great Roger Federer and the other from Jaden Smith, entrepreneur, musician, activist and actor. Vogue reports that classic white sneakers have become the foundation of our modern wardrobe, a shoe that works with everything—jeans, leggings, or even a dress or suit.

Roger Federer’s new vegan sneaker is a joint project with On, the Swiss running shoe and clothing specialist. The collaboration marked the beginning of the athlete’s journey into creating a vegan sneaker called THE ROGER which was launched last week, 17 years to the day since he won his first Wimbledon.

He isn’t the first tennis player to advocate vegan, he is not known to be fully animal-free himself, but like  Serena Williams (who is reportedly vegan) he has chosen to pursue a line in cruelty-free fashion in an effort to help promote sustainability.

Roger told Vogue: “It’s not for tennis, it’s for the street. I hope it’s a shoe you can wear every day, sort of like your watch—something that’s so comfortable, you want to wear it all the time.”

From Jaden Smith, we have his very own pair of vegan leather sneakers. The musician teamed up with footwear manufacturing company New Balance. The duo launched their first collaboration: the NB for Jaden Smith Vision Racer.

According to New Balance, the vegan sneaker “merges classic New Balance design with Jaden’s unique, bold, fashion-forward aesthetic for a new silhouette that pushes the boundaries for sustainably-led footwear.” It features a clunky, thick bottom.

The Vision Racer also features design elements from Smith’s favorite New Balance shoes: the X-Racer and classic 1700. The Vision Racers are made with vegan, partially recycled materials like polyester. With Jaden’s convention-defying work in fashion and music, coupled with his dedication to philanthropy and environmental awareness, using a hands-on approach, Smith created footwear that speaks to broader global issues and how they impact his generation.

Where previously, leather was the automatic choice for sneakers, this is changing. If one takes into account the massive carbon footprint from animal agriculture, it stands to reason that more and more vegan leathers are going into production.

Animal Agriculture is the single biggest contributor to Climate Change – far more so than all fossil-fueled cars. By not using animals or their products, you are making a significant contribution to shrinking your carbon footprint.