PETA’s Jessica Bellamy says that we must embrace a decarbonised economy by going vegan if we wish to save the future of our planet.

Are we moving toward a science-fiction reality? In an effort to curb climate change, a consortium of scientists has proposed injecting aerosols into the atmosphere, to reflect sunlight away from Earth. One expert calls this idea “chemotherapy for the planet.”

What’s next: Soylent green? Not necessarily, if we just shift our focus onto soymilk and greens. There are clear and credible options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions right in front of our faces that don’t sound like a plotline from Star Trek. We can decarbonise our economy – while also reducing methane emissions, saving water, retaining forests, and keeping oceans healthy – by simply going vegan.

A U.N. study found that animal agriculture makes up at least 14.5 percent of global emissions. Other research found that the meat, egg, and dairy industries are responsible for 83.5 percent of U.S. food-related emissions. Let’s make an immediate change that can help our planet – and many sentient animals – by choosing lower-emission, ethical, and tasty vegan foods for our tables.

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