According to PETA, the introduction of such a character would be ‘timely’, as the number of vegans continues to grow.

In addition, the organisation says that a vegan Muppet on Sesame Street would ‘help the many kids who don’t eat meat for religious, health, environmental, or ethical reasons see themselves reflected in popular culture’.

“Chances are good that most of Sesame Street’s young audience have a vegan friend or family member, if they’re not vegan themselves,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

“PETA would love to see a Muppet who can offer Cookie Monster a dairy-free treat and a few words explaining how they’re saving the planet, staying healthy, and helping animals by choosing vegan meals.”

The charity adds: “Today’s young people facing an uncertain environmental future, a vegan Muppet could help introduce the concept of climate change – and how animal agriculture is a major culprit of it.”

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