Very few people are willing to tell the truth about dairy. But the fact is that it is anything but the healthy food that the dairy industry would like to tell you. 

Consuming lots of dairy could raise the risk of men developing prostate cancer, a review of evidence has suggested. The research, based on tracking more than one million participants for up to 20 years, is not the first to suggest that dairy is linked to prostate cancer. It is thought eating large quantities of dairy increases the amount of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) inside the body.

The protein interacts with cells and causes a ‘cascade of reactions’, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International.

Prostate Cancer UK says the link between the disease and dairy products ‘might be because of the calcium in them’ – but added that scientists don’t know for certain.

The review, which analysed studies published since 2006, was published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Dr John Shin, lead author, has now called for more trials to investigate the link between dairy products and prostate cancer. Discussing the findings, he said: ‘Our review highlighted a cause for concern with high consumption of dairy products.’

Results also showed men who stuck to plant-based diets were less likely to develop prostate cancer.

The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends a plant-based diet to slash the risk of cancer because of the ‘protective nutrients’. Dr Shin and colleagues pointed out the rate of prostate cancer is higher in Western countries, where people tend to consume more dairy.

More than 47,000 men each year are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Britain. The disease claims the lives of 11,000 people each year.

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